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Our Services include, but are not limited to the following:

Age 1 Dental Visit

When should you bring your child to their first dental visit? We ask that you bring them at age 1 or ideally, six months of eruption of his/her teeth, usually between 6 months and 1 year of age. Early examination and preventive care will protect your child’s teeth now and in the future. Because dental problems can begin early, it is important to begin a thorough prevention program through good dental habits.

Exams, Cleanings, and Fluoride Treatments

We ask you bring your child to our office every 6 months for their routine dental visit. At the time of the appointment we provide care to your child with a Cleaning, an Exam, and Fluoride treatment to prevent cavities. We also take necessary x-ray films as needed per Doctors request. 

Parental and Patient Oral Health Education

If you have absolutely any questions on your mind at the time of visit we can consult with you to answer any of your questions. You can also call us at anytime as well, and our awesome front desk staff will help you with your questions. We also have in-office handouts for education on any appliance, treatment, sedations, etc. You can ask your friendly Hygienist or Assistant for one at your visit.

Restorative Treatment

Dr. Collins is the only doctor in our office who provides restorative treatment. Dr. Collins will consult with you at their cleaning, or exam to tell you exactly how the treatment will go. We are here to make the patient comfortable and as well as the parent. You will be fully educated on your child's teeth needs before we restore them in our office.

Oral Conscious Sedation

We offer onsite oral sedation help ease your child's fear, anxiety, and pain control. The medicine we administer to your child has an amnesia affect, and your child will not remember their procedure. We want your child to LOVE coming to the dentist so if they're fearful and need treatment, we will most likely offer conscious sedation as an option.

Space Maintenance & Management


If your child loses a baby tooth early, and will not have the permanent tooth in soon enough, we offer space maintenance so that your child does not lose any space before the adult tooth comes in.

General Anesthesia

We offer "out patient" general anesthesia at Prisma Health Richland Hospital. Dr. Collins consults with each parent so that they are fully understanding of what will be done, and how everything works. We only do this sedation if its 100% needed for your child, due to it being safer and we can get everything done in one visit.

Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen Sedation

When we do any restorative treatment, we always provide Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen Sedation. It helps relax the patient, and has a numbing affect to help aid in anxiety and pain control.

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